Bryan Devlin

Production Manager

What Do You Do at KifCure?

My name is Bryan Devlin and I am the Chef and production manager for Kifcure and Crafted Bites and Delights.  I am in charge of developing new and healthy food and beverage options for Kifcure. My other duties include in house production of our CBD and hemp products as well as through select co-packers. It is my job to create the best product for you.


Why did you get involved in the hemp industry?

Growing up in Northern Wisconsin I have alway enjoyed nature and the outdoors. My Mother always gardened and we would go out in the woods to collect different berries that were in season and do our own canning. This showed me that there was lots of value for our health in nature. Later both my Mother and Father developed conditions that have benefitted from CBD and hemp in general, again nature steps in to help.


Favorite Wellness Activities?

I like to stay active in the outdoors and the woods are my favorite place to do this. I enjoy camping, hiking, and even canoeing in the Boundry Waters. When I can’t get to the woods, I like to ride my bike through the streets of Chicago.


What is your favorite CBD Product by KifCure?

I love chocolate. It’s hard not to like the dark chocolate pieces. They allow you, to get your fix of dark chocolate while receiving 20mg of CBD. If you really want to throw caution to the wind on your journey for chocolate I suggest the brownie. It’s incredibly decedent and you won’t be sad that you decided to have it for desert.