Activated Hardwood Carbon 1

Carbon Chemistry


Oil purity is a direct result of the materials and processes used during production. The most respected brands trust Carbon Chemistry’s array of adsorbents and solvents when quality is of the essence. The only thing your customers enjoy more than the clearest, purest concentrates and distillates is to vilify the products that don’t make the grade. Protect your reputation by partnering with the proven single source for purification chemicals.

Our industry is a growing space where new brands, techniques, and trends are invented every day. As product development evolves and consumer interests shift, one concept has been ever present: consistency and quality define success. In our experience as bulk oil producers, maintaining high standards was challenging without a reliable source for chemicals. We solve that problem by selecting the most trusted materials for production, purification, and distillation, then share them with you.

As the nation’s leading supplier of chemicals used to produce and improve cannabis oil, Carbon Chemistry exists to make your life easier. We want to help you develop the best products available, and our professionals can teach you how. Keeping your customers happy is our goal, too. Let’s exceed their expectations by delivering next-level products, services, and knowledge every day. We’re an industry of pioneers — are you ready to lead the way?

You have high standards and you should, because you have a legitimate business to run. We believe our industry deserves the same level of professionalism and reliability other markets enjoy. Working with Carbon Chemistry means you’ll be respected, supported, and heard. We will be timely, consistent, and thorough in all that we do, and if we ever mess up, we’ll make it right. That’s our commitment to you.