About Us

Kifcure was founded in the West Loop of Chicago In 2017, where CEO Jarett Burke and his wife Kelly had visions of the potentiality of the amazing hemp plant and the benefits to mankind. Jarett and Kelly’s passion for sustainability and making a difference in the world led to establishing a growing hemp solutions provider.

Our commitment lies in promoting the numerous uses of hemp and advocating for eco-friendly practices. We foster a culture of community involvement, industry leadership, and personalized attention to drive meaningful change in consumer products and behaviors. With our expertise in genetics, processing, product development, and hemp raw material distribution, we stand at the forefront of this transformative movement.

Kifcure quickly leveraged its strong foundation in technology, building brands and data through a vital partnership with sister company Razbit, leading to a pivotal relationship with the University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin and  Michigan State University via the Midwest Hemp Database Project. Over the years, Kifcure dedicated itself to diligent research and development, tirelessly identifying best practices and USDA certified genetics.

Our innovative and eco-conscious approach encompasses the entire hemp supply chain, from seed to consumer products. Kifcure embraces a “Full-Spectrum” and “Whole Plant ” philosophy.  We are working hard to create reliable outlets for farmers to monetize their hemp crops and we’re establishing a stable supply chain to uplift farmers, brands, and consumers alike.

As specialists in cannabinoid extracts, industrial fiber, and hemp hurd, our product developers and infusion specialists can create and distribute our own product lines or collaborate with organizations to meet our clients’ unique requirements.  Reach out to learn how you can join us on this exciting journey!

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