We are committed to spearheading innovation, nurturing sustainability, and cultivating a thriving hemp ecosystem. As industry leaders, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that position us at the forefront of the hemp industry. Our mission is to empower farmers and drive the widespread adoption of this extraordinary plant.

Kifcure provides comprehensive services, including planting, harvesting, and storage solutions for your industrial hemp crop.  If you have tillable land, then we have a turnkey solution.

We prioritize quality, partnering closely with the Universities and the Hemp Database Project to establish best practices for Industrial Hemp Businesses. From seed to final product, our unwavering dedication to excellence is evident.

Now, we proudly anchor our presence with a large scale industrial hemp aggregation and distribution facility in Illinois, solidifying our commitment to paving the way.

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KifCure has access to a variety of quality strains of midwest tested hemp seed for cannabinoids, fiber, and grain varieties. With first hand experience growing and conducting R&D with University partners, we can help you find the perfect seed to suit the individual needs. We are dedicated to helping you increase your yield and bottom line by leveraging our network to provide the tools you need to succeed.

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KifCure offers services to help you on your journey of experiencing a bountiful hemp harvest. Our team can assist you with every aspect of your commercial hemp grow, including quality seed selection, field planning, cultivation methods, harvesting, drying/milling and extraction protocols. We’ve worked with farmers from all across the midwest and have a vast wealth of knowledge to share with you.


Our team at Kifcure understands the ever-growing, ever-evolving hemp processing landscape and the adaptability and precision it takes to accommodate not only a cost-effective solution, but a solution geared towards growth. Since 2017 the extraction and processing team at Kifcure has procured a wide range of knowledge and capabilities in every facet of the processing life-cycle.

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Discover Kifcure's exceptional white label product offerings, meticulously crafted with a focus on efficacy, purity, and consumer satisfaction. All Kifcure products undergo rigorous testing at third-party, government-approved labs to ensure their safety and potency. Additionally, we are expanding our product line to include Fiber, Grain, and Hurd finished products such as animal bedding, plastic replacements, and construction materials, furthering our Full Spectrum approach and meeting the diverse needs of our customers.


KifCure has networks of e-commerce platforms, retailers, and facilitates massive exchanges of biomass and other hemp materials. Wherever you fall in the supply chain, KifCure has the right networks to market & distribute your hemp products.

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