KifCure can infuse CBD into Any Brand

KifCure Total Hemp Solutions


Our product developers and infusion specialists are the next piece of the puzzle, able to create and distribute our own product lines or build new products for other brands.  KifCure believes that quality is key, above all else. We take that commitment to every aspect of our business from soil to oil, and beyond.

Crafted Bites & Delights CBD Infused Edibles

Crafted Bites & Delights

Crafted Bites & Delights offers delicious, premium quality CBD infused edibles made with only the finest ingredients.  Originating in Chicago's west loop neighborhood, we're surrounded by some of the best food and drink in the world. That being said - we've learned a thing or two about the finer enjoyments of life. 

Top Canna Products Online CBD Marketplace

Top Canna Products

Top Canna Products is an online marketplace for high quality CBD infused edibles, tinctures, pain gel, and more!  Top Canna Products sells THC free options with pharmaceutical grade purity straight to consumer.  You can find KifCure's Crafted Bites & Delights product line here among other premium CBD infused products.

Razbit Business Technology Consulting Chicago


Razbit, Inc. is a Digital Consulting Agency that recognizes that one size certainly doesn't fit all when it comes to technology solutions and strategy. Comprised of a diverse team of developers, designers, and consultants, Razbit strives to empower businesses through software development, web development, digital marketing, business technology consulting, and more.