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KifCure, LLC

Founded in Chicago with a mission to extract and infuse the highest quality cannabinoids into easily accessible products, KifCure brings together more than five decades of Cannabis experience among our core leadership. Founders Jarett and Brandon Burke, cousins separated by Lake Michigan built the company to span the Midwest and bring know-how to the new crop of hemp and specifically, high-CBD hemp grown for flower or extraction, that has been springing up at farms throughout the area.  The core team consists of expert cultivators, who go on-site to various grows to facilitate the process with knowledge and expertise that will help increase yields and minimize loss.

We also boast brilliant extractors, who can maximize the effectiveness of cutting edge technology to ensure the quality of crude extracts all the way through any refinement process.  Our product developers and infusion specialists are the next piece of the puzzle, able to create and distribute our own product lines or build new products for other brands.

The Burkes have built a team that collectively addresses the holistic cycle of the CBD production and supply chain. Wherever your business intersects with the CBD world, we have an ever-expanding network of opportunities to help you succeed.  KifCure believes that quality is key, above all else. We take that commitment to every aspect of our business from soil to oil, and beyond.  We are headquartered in Chicago, IL and Clarkston, MI and our flagship extraction lab is in Wild Rose, WI.

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