Our lab philosophy is all about customization

kifcure hemp extraction lab development

Lab Development

KifCure's Lab Development division is always expanding to accommodate the new advancements that influence this sector of the industry daily. Are you new to the extraction space and looking to get some industry tested insight? Ask us about our consulting services that can guide you in customizing an extraction lab build-out that insightfully addresses all of your needs.  


Lab supplies

KifCure can supply you with top of the line Lab Supplies and Medias. Our distribution agreements allow you to receive quality products without the time and hassle of finding it yourself.


Extraction Services

Sourcing from the most exquisite strains of hemp, KifCure’s extraction methods produce high yielding and high cannabinoid end product in the form of crude, full spectrum distillate, THC-Free distillate or isolate. Our toll processing agreements encompass an opportunity for us to work with outstanding growers to create some of the finest hemp oil in the market today.